Worshipping at the Temple

Statue of Aphrodite, known as the Venus of Arl...

Statue of Aphrodite, known as the Venus of Arles. Hymettus marble, Roman artwork, imperial period (end of the 1 st century BC), might be a copy of the Aphrodite of Thespiae by Praxiteles. The apple and the mirror were added during the 17 th century. Found in the antic theatre of Arles, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Devotees of Aphrodite (and, to a lesser extent, Pan) are lucky if they go to pagan events, because at pagan events there is often, if not always, a Temple or Shrine devoted to Aphrodite and sometimes one for Pan. These are generally places set aside so adults can enjoy consensual sexual activities with each other, but sometimes they are used for non-sexual activities, either solo or with a partner (or many partners!), or solo sexual activities.

My first real pagan event was Witchcamp, 2007, and the Temple to Aphrodite had non-sexual activities like cuddle and story time, when a bunch of adults snuggled up together and read fairy tales aloud from a book, changing the more Christian elements to pagan imagery. It was a lot of fun, and my first time feeling completely comfortable with other adults in such a vulnerable sort of environment.

At Pirates and Fairies this year there was a Temple to Aphrodite and a separate cuddle tent, which is good, because the Temple is usually very busy with folks engaging in sexual activities.

My fiancé and I were lucky enough to snag an hour in the Temple this year, and we worshipped heartily.

Sex in the Temple is definitely the best sex I’ve ever had. It helps that we’re ridiculously in love, of course, so our sex is like, always amazing, but doing it in the presence of She Who Heals All Wounds…it’s an extra level of holy gods, amazing. In the Temple I feel completely safe asking my partner for what I want in sex, which is not something I find easy to do, generally. But in the Temple, all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals, and I can not feel wrong asking him to do things that might make me feel embarrassed otherwise. Or things that may make me feel unsafe — I’ve had a rocky history with D/s, to the point where I crave it and fear it at the same time. I trust him implicitly, and feel more comfortable with him taking those sorts of roles with me — namely because he’s not actually into D/s himself, but he is into getting me off. I don’t have to deal with bullshit Domly Domness Domism with him; I can submit without fear.

Even though I know that, sometimes it’s hard to remind myself of it in the mundane world. In the Temple, it’s just obvious that She’s watching over us, and it makes me feel even more safe and protected.

And I have Her to thank for his being in my life at all.

This time, he was even tolerant of my taking a few moments to pray to Her before we had sex; this is big, considering he’s pretty atheist.  I think our time in the Temple no doubt contributed to this Pirates and Fairies being one of the best yet, for me.  It deepened my love, my faith, and my hope.

Solace to the Heartsick

The first time I felt Aphrodite’s presence was at Pirates and Fairies 2010. I was heartsick and lonely; determined to spend the evening with someone who could help me forget the summer, if only for a night, I gave Her an offering in Her temple (a condom; something others could use in their use of the temple itself). I asked for Her blessing in my life, because I was tired of getting hurt. I felt a gentle brush — nothing so thwappy as when I’m dealing with one of the Triad I worship — and felt real hope my prayers would be answered.

They were — and then some. The man I spent that night with at P&F is now my long-term partner, and I’m finding real healing for previous heart-wounds that have been left bleeding.

In honor of Her blessing in my life, and in hopes of Her continued blessing, I keep a shrine for Her in my bedroom. I light a candle on Fridays, and have started this blog as a virtual shrine to Her. I will try and post every Friday about Aphrodite and my relationship with Her.

It will be difficult, because my relationships with the Triad tend to overshadow everything else, and hearing or feeling relationships with other gods can be an exercise and a half. But I’m determined to keep this relationship going, to keep offering to Her in thanks for all Her blessings.

She’s helping me learn to love myself again. She deserves my love and attention.